Being born into a Christian Family I still had to come to know Jesus Christ for myself, which I did in relatively young childhood.

By my early teens I already knew the call of God upon my life to go into ministry. I first preached when a local church, where I lived, advertised my name as the preacher for the day, in the local newspaper.. Nobody knew where my name had come from but at the age of 16 I had begun.

Everytime I moved home a similar thing started and by the age of 19 I had a position on the executive of the South East London Baptist Association as a local preacher and editor of their monthly news and fellowship magazine.

I went to Bible College at the age of 20, and while there had a further significant experience of the goodness of God which significantly changed my life and ministry. Though even from the earliest of my days the one message that fired me up was the outrageous grace of the living God, who had put his hand on me, saved me from my sin and shame, through the death of His only Son, Jesus Christ, and set me on a road to an abundant life in relationship with Him.

Now after 50 years of preaching the same message of love and grace, I am still deeply amazed at the truth of God's love and goodness to me.

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